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Freedom is the beginning of the greatest possibilities of the human genius. It is not the goal


At school we unlearn how to learn naturally.


Education is what people do to you.  

Learning is what you do for yourself. 


My School

Rabindranath Tagore speaking in the USA on his school, thoughts on schools and childhood.

Schooling: It’s Not About Learning

There is a strong sentiment amongst education academics against children learning exclusively outside of schools. Professor Jonathen Jansen, Vice Chancellor and Rector of the University of Free State, South Africa, recently shared this sentiment (to much applause) on...

Why we need to Reimagine Schooling and Education

I am well aware that to question the value of free and compulsory schooling is considered taboo by many people. After all, everybody has been sold on the concept that education, in the form of industrial schooling, is the magic bullet that will deliver humanity, end...